Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tattooed Handbag

Temporary tattoos are colorful, inexpensive and very popular for children’s parties. Grouping them makes a bigger statement than single tattoos. Why not use them to embellish a plain handbag?

What I Used:
1 plain smooth surfaced handbag. Mine was plastic. I do not know how this technique would work on leather or cloth.

Assorted temporary tattoos. I purchased the smaller tattoos (approx. 2”x2”) at a party goods store. I found some larger ones (approx 2”x4”) in a vending machine at a local restaurant.

Clear acrylic matte spray. I used Blair brand.

Washcloth or sponge

Weight, like a rock from the garden

Decide on a shape for the tattoo group that complements the shape of the handbag. Anchor the design with the larger tattoos. Then fill in the shape with the smaller tattoos. Some of the smaller tattoos have more than one design and can be cut up to fill in small spaces.
Follow the instructions that come with the tattoos to attach them to the handbag. In short, remove the protective cover on the tattoo. Place it face down in the desired position. Moisten the washcloth or sponge and put it over the tattoo. Weight it with a rock for about 30 seconds. Remove the rock, the cloth or sponge, and the tattoo backing. Let dry.
Spray the handbag with the acrylic matte coating, let dry, and spray again.

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