Saturday, November 28, 2009

Disco Ball Handbag

A disco ball gives a festive atmosphere to any space. I transferred the concept to a handbag. The result is fun but not for the shy and retiring.


This is the bag I started with, a plain silver saddle bag style.

Tools and Materials

1 plain smooth surfaced handbag. Mine was plastic.
Large sequins in silver, black and multi-colors. I used Tree House Studio brand from the craft store.
All-purpose white glue
Super Glue


Glue the silver sequins on the handbag in rows. I avoided gluing over seams. On one side I randomly scattered black sequins, and on the other side I scattered colored sequins. The glue dries clear, so it can be spread thickly on the handbag. I used the white glue on the flatter middle area and the Super Glue on the edges. Any glue showing on the sequins can be wiped off or scraped off after it dries using a kitchen sponge with a scrubby on one side. Glue one side, let it dry, and then glue the other side. This handbag looks better the fuller it is, more like a disco ball.


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