Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Denim Can-can Two-Piece Dress

Moulin Rouge entertainment of the early Twentieth Century has inspired generations. The can-can is still performed. To update the ruffled skirts worn by the chorus girls, I made the ruffles of denim. The black lace bustier with red peeking through is more authentic to the times. Red and black lace shoes echo the bustier to make a complete outfit for a modern party girl.

The black lace bustier was lined with beige nylon. To turn that to red I dyed the whole garment with Jacquard iDye Poly. It was also extremely stiff with wiring (probably why it was on sale), so I removed the wiring under the bust. The stocking hooks are removable, but I decided to keep them and clipped a little red bow into the hook.

For the skirt start with a cute, short denim skirt. For the different shades of denim ruffles I used four other thrift store denim garments, some both front and back, giving several denim shades. The bottom ruffles are 8” wide, the middle ones 6” wide, and the top ruffles 3-5” wide. Round the corners. Zigzag stitch along the outer edge about ¼” in from the edge. These edges will fray in a pleasing manner when washed. I snipped off the straggles after washing the garment.

Cut the tulle the same width as the ruffle to which it will be attached, and 2 ½ to 3times as long as the ruffle. Gather the tulle to fit the ruffle. Sew the tulle on the back of the ruffle, and then gather the ruffle a little bit. Do the same for all ruffles. I pinned the ruffles on the skirt as I went to help design the color arrangement. Then sew the ruffles onto the skirt so that the ruffle covers the seam. This helps the ruffle to stick out a bit.

Protect the inside of the pumps with masking tape. Paint the outside of the pumps red, including the soles, and let dry. Put clear gloss medium on the shoes, then the black lace, then more clear gloss medium. Let dry.

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