Thursday, December 3, 2009

Stimulus Jacket

At my favorite thrift shop there is a long row of quality jackets which do not seem to sell that well. When most of them survived the semiannual $10 a bag sale, I decided to take action. Using the forest green plaid jacket as the base, I found two jackets and a vest to echo the accent colors in the plaid. I cut off the bottom of the plaid jacket and replaced with the bottom of the red jacket. Red scraps embellish the lapels. The blue jacket provides inserts in the sleeves and accent triangles at the bottom. Plaid scraps embellish the blue. The back is cut off the vest, and the front pieces are sewn onto the top of the jacket. Four pieces are cut from the sweater, sewn together the long way, and serged around the edges to make a coordinating scarf.

This is the base starting jacket.

The bottom of this jacket replaced the bottom of the plaid jacket. Pieces of the red jacket embellished the lapels.

This jacket supplied embellishments for the bottom of the new jacket and for the middle of the sleeves.

This vest goes over the jacket.

This sweater cut into strips made the long scarf.

Tools and Materials

Three jackets about the same size
Vest large enough to fit over jacket
Thread, scissors, pins, sewing machine