Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Girl's Hanky Skirt and Vest

Skirt and Vest Front                                 Skirt and Vest Back


Skirt Front                                                   Skirt Back

This handkerchief outfit uses the hankies gathered into a ruffle like a skirt. Four hankies sewn together make the vest.

Sew ½” lace ruffle around the legs of the shorts. Sew casing on the backs of five hankies 1 ½” from the top. The hankies are not sewn together, but I overlapped them ¼” where they join. Run the ribbon through the casing and adjust the hanky skirt to fit the shorts just below the waist. Cut the ribbon leaving ends long enough for a nice bow. Hand sew this skirt to the shorts so that the pockets remain usable.

Sew four hankies together diagonally except at the front to make the vest. The triangular flaps in the seam allowance on the inside were just sewn down, not cut off. This made the vest a little more substantial. Sew ribbons across the shoulders and ribbons at the front opening for a bow.

Items used to make this outfit are as follows:

Bermuda shorts and top
3 yards 5/8” ribbon
9 hankies
1 yard 7/8” ribbon for casing
1 yard ½” lace ruffle

I had enough hankies left over to make another vest:

          Vest Front                                             Vest Back

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  1. Hi...just found you by accident - not even Pintrest!! But I did post your blog and some of your ideas, and hope it will bring you more followers. This is a sweet blog and there has been a lot of interest in my Upcycling folder, so I think there will be a lot of people interested in your work.