Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hearts Aflutter

Dress before

This hot pink silk dress hung in the silk section of my favorite thrift store for a long time, so I decided to take it home and find a way to spice it up. The look of the stars strewn across the sky on a clear night or autumn leaves fluttering out of a tree in the wind inspired the diagonal cascade of hearts on this dress.
I removed the large foam shoulder pads from the dress and shortened the long sleeves to lighten the style and also to have some fabric to experiment with.

Hearts were drawn on stencil paper and cut out with a craft knife. I taped additional stencil paper around the cut out stencil to act as a mask.
The back of the stencil was sprayed with the mounting adhesive and placed on the dress. The heart openings were then sprayed with white spray paint. The background for the blue and red hearts was sprayed hite. I dabbed this spray to make if more opaque. When the spray was dry, I drew in the blue, red and pink hears free hand.
Voila, the finished dress.

Here is what I used to alter this dress:

Stencil paper
Heavy duty craft knife
Tulip Fabric spray paint
Fabric pens
Spray mounting adhesive
Transparent tape
Sewing machine

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